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Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural machinery and equipment; agricultural structures; animal environments; hydraulics; fluid dynamics.


Animal Science

Animal feed supplements; vaccines.


Biomedical Engineering

Heart valves; anastomotic fittings; heart/lung machines; diagnostic probes; therapeutic braces; eye lenses; implants; and hearing aids.


Chemical Engineering

Chemical processes, apparatus and compositions; inorganic and organic chemistry; analytical chemistry; catalysts; vaccines; and agricultural chemicals.


Civil Engineering

Highway and bridge design and construction; timber, concrete and steel design and construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings; flat bottom and elevated tank design and construction; tower design and construction; foundation design and construction; piping design and construction; crane and derrick design and construction; surveying; fluid dynamics.


Food Technology

Processes, apparatus and products.


Mechanical Engineering

Automatic apparatus and accessories; agricultural machinery and equipment; hydraulics; fluids handling valves, and electro-mechanical machinery.



Compositions, products and processes.


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